welcome to ! cbox on the bottom left, just hover it!! im xui .ᐟ she/they pronouns. asian, bisexual, libra, chaotic neutral & infpt ﹒>︿< ﹒ i make carrds, gfx, wugem icons & banners, server templates and more ⠀⠀⠀﹒wangxi#2206 for info ﹒ ▽ ﹐find xui on: telegram!, spotify! & we♡it!

before u req..

(1) eng isn't my first language (2) any mistake? don't rage (3) give me details of what u would like (ex: the color theme, aesthetic, crd layout, symbols/emojis) (4) if it's a paid plan u have to give me nitro first (5) if u don't reply in 48 hours when ur req is done, it will be deleted

do not req if..

(1) basic criteria, racist, _phobic (2) if you support/stan blackpink, skz, pewdiepie & or dsmp (3) you're not going to use the req i made or delete it (4) you will unfollow after your req is done (5) ur going to spam me (6) ur going to remove my creds (hardblock if so<3)


(1) do not remove my credit (will hardblock) (2) i have the right to decline your req (3) don't rush me, please be patient (4) you must be following me on twt (@lanfiles) ;) (5) i am quite busy bcuz of school so please understand that (6) feel free to edit the req but don't remove the creds


carrds (closed), server templates (closed), layouts (open), wugem icons/banners (open), emotes (closed)

how to + resources ..

carrds -dm me on twt or disc, pick the layout before requesting, you should know what color theme, layout & the amount of pages you want wugem/gfx -dm me on disc, twt or telegram, make sure you know exactly you want, feel free to use it but don't recolor it add or remove anything server tem -only contact me on disc for this one, and again let me know what theme/symbols or emojis you want, i will not add any fancy fonts or language symbols


ANON how do i know if reqs are open or closed? page #iii

ANON is it for free? most of the time, yes

ANON how long does it take? depends on the amount of time i have

ANON what type of carrds do you do make? any but pro crds :/

ANON do you make carrds that require pro? i don't have carrd pro atm so nope :(